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PPC lead generation

Impact your bottom line using search

PPC is one of the most effective ways to generate targeted traffic for your website. By placing ads directly in SERP’s your business can be seen at a crucial time in the buying process.

We believe in taking a hands on approach ensuring a maximum ROI for your organisation.  Get in touch to find out more

Maximum ROI

We make our first priority to ensure profitability on your PPC campaigns.  learn more

Relationship driven

Avoid generic ad copy. We get to know your business and who your ideal customers are.  learn more


By providing indepth reporting we’re able to showcase the effectiveness of our campaigns.  learn more

Increase sales

We don’t do vanity metrics. We deliver results that impact the bottom line of your business and increase profitability.   learn more
Growth partner

Working with Digby Digital

If you’re looking for a PPC growth agency, you’ll love working with Digby Digital. We specialise in the creation & development of B2B marketing strategies, including the management of PPC accounts.

With years of experince working with buisnesses in the B2B sphere, we have an indepth understanding of the naunces and challenges that it can bring. Both you and your customers are passionate about your products and services. Which is why generic ad copy isn’t enough. We take the time to understand what makes your business unique and what USPs matter to your target audience. Our PPC experience is based in generating quality leads or direct sales. We dont rely on vanity to metrics.

Getting started

1. Get in touch. We offer a free, no obligation consultancy call to discuss your business requirements

2. We then audit your account. What has been working, what hasn’t. There’s still no  fee and no obligation

Get started

3. Using the knowledge obtained by the audit, we plot our strategy designed to deliver maximum ROI

4. Once we see the results, we begin to scale. Increasing your profitability. Growing your account as partners. 

What sets us apart


Retargeting lists for search ads enables us to target previous visitors or those in your database at a crucial time in the buying process.

B2B mobile targeting

Mobile search is growing, even in the B2B sphere. Target those searching, wherever they are.

B2B display marketing

Utilise Google’s extensive display network. Visually communicate and remarket to your ideal audience 

Unique B2B ads

Generic ad copy is dull. Attract your ideal customers using terminology that excites them.

B2B video marketing

Made a stunning video promoting your business? We can ensure those most likely to appreciate it see it.

B2B Gmail advertising

A unique opporutnity to target users directly in their inbox.

In depth reporting

We deliver regular, interactive and insightful reporting to ensure your reporting is made easy.

Global B2B advertising

Target your audience, which ever country they’re in.

Free consultancy call! Get in touch today

We offer a free, no obligation consultancy call. We discuss your business, the areas you need assistance with and how we can help. Get in touch today to arrange your call.