5 simple tips to increase your social media presence

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5 simple tips to increase your social media presence

May 13, 2019 Guides Social media 0
Social Media Tips

Whether you’re a local coffee shop or Starbucks, it’s become almost impossible to connect with your customer base without the use of social media. So we’ve put together 5 simple tips to increase your social media presence.

1. Create a great looking profile

Your profile header could be someone’s first exposure to your business, make sure its a good one. A few simple points to tick off before sending customers to your social media channels…

  • Make sure you use a consistent logo across your accounts
  • Add a bio, let people know who you are and what you do
  • Try to add a few keywords
  • Use a relevant #
  • Link to your website so people can find out more

We like @Shakeshack’s Instagram account which has amassed over 500k followers, posting pictures mainly of delicious looking food.

2. Interact with your followers

Social media allows for your customer base to interact with your brand, but it’s also your opportunity to interact with them. Encourage people to engage with your brand and they’ll become brand advocates.

  • Like and respond to positive comments
  • Respond to any negative comments in a timely and positive manner

3. Give it a personal feel

Not only does social media mean you can interact with people, but it’s also a great opportunity to humanise your brand. This is your chance to give your company a personality. Even giant companies such as O2 make people feel they’re interacting with a real person, not a robot.

  • Use names where possible
  • Be genuine
  • Avoid generic replies

4. People love a giveaway

So you’ve got a killer profile, now you need followers. Giveaways are a great way to spread your content. There are loads of ways to do this, a simple example is to select a winner from someone who has followed, liked and shared a post. You get great exposure and someone gets something for free, it’s win-win.

Another simple way to promote your brand is to ask people to tag their friends. There’s a good chance they’ll tag someone who will like your brand or product, increasing the chances of gaining extra engaged followers.

For inspiration check out Wishpond’s 20 clever social media giveaway ideas you can use today.

5. Add follow buttons to your website

Don’t let your website traffic go to waste. New users on your site may not be ready to purchase your product or services just yet, so make sure you nurture them through social media. Or, engage with your existing customer base in a new way. Don’t go overboard with the buttons though, or they can become distracting and affect the usability of your site.

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6. Bonus tip – Collaborate

Being online opens up a world of collaboration opportunities. By working together, two brands can actively promote each other to a potentially completely new set of customers. Both brands reap the benefits.