5 signs you should consider changing your PPC agency

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5 signs you should consider changing your PPC agency

January 13, 2020 PPC 0

In doing some research for a different PPC article, I was surprised at how many PPC agency horror stories I came across. So to help, I thought I’d put together a quick check list of the telltale signs your PPC agency isn’t working for you. If you can complete this checklist, maybe it’s time to consider changing your PPC agency.

They create or own your ad account

“Data is the new oil”

Clive Humby – Mathematician

And your business should own it.

Whilst you’re hiring someone to assist with your PPC activity, the actual owner of the account should always be your business. You should have full access and control over your PPC account at all times.

We’d go as far to say that you should create the ad account yourself. Your agency can assist, perhaps talking you through the process via Skype, but your account is yours.

The historical data held in your Google or Bing ad accounts is valuable and you should ensure you retain it, even if you end the relationship with your agency.

It’s rare, but we’ve heard of shady PPC agencies holding this data “hostage” when a relationship ends. So be wary of any agency who demands ownership or full control.

Your PPC agency relies on vanity metrics

Are we all selfie obsessed, posting for ‘likes’ monsters? Perhaps. This is fine for your own personal Facebook and Instagram. Seeing those thumbs up and hearts is a nice feeling to have, but your business needs more than ‘Likes’ to grow.

If your PPC agency is relying on metrics such as impressions, likes, followers or low quality web traffic, they might have a vanity metric problem. Although those metrics sound exciting and may make you feel great, if they don’t impact your organisations bottomline, do they matter?

Website traffic is a lot like footfall. Imagine you’re paying high rental rates to ensure the highest number of people walk passed, or even pop-in your store every day. Does all that traffic matter if none of those people are buying your products? This is a classic vanity metric problem.

They haven’t insisted on setting up conversions

As previously mentioned, vanity metrics, although nice, probably do not impact your business’ bottomline.

If a PPC hasn’t insisted on setting up conversions in Google Ads (formerly Adwords) or Google Analytics, there may be two likely scenarios;

  • They haven’t taken the time to understand your business

Conversions happen in a variety ways. Some B2B businesses are only interested in generating leads for their sales teams to follow up on whilst other are embracing e-commerce. A good PPC should take the time to understand what web traffic converting actually means to your business. Are they counting the number of enquiries you get? Even via the phone?

  • They’re relying on vanity metrics to impress

Your PPC agency might not have set up conversion because they’re not actually generating traffic which converts. Their ad strategy maybe too general or performing poorly. Instead, they’re relying on the number of impressions or clicks to impress.

Signs you should consider changing your PPC agency

Your business isn’t growing

So, maybe they have set up conversions, but are you seeing growth in your account?

The aim of your PPC agency should be to increase the revenue of your business, not to simply manage your account. The reports you receive should ideally be comparable with previous periods so you can see the rate of growth.

Your PPC agency doesn’t update your account regularly

To get the most out of your ad account, it’s going to need a lot of attention. There’s a lot of refining required to ensure your ads are performing at their optimum efficiency.

Taking a ‘hands off’ approach isn’t something which is going to produce results and certainly isn’t worth paying for.

Your agency should be testing your ads, measuring results and reducing waste.

How did they do?

So, how did your PPC agency do? If they passed, that’s great!

If, however, some of the checklist rang some bells, perhaps it’s time to consider changing your PPC agency.

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